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Trains are everywhere in New York. They carry both passengers and freight and often intersect with ordinary roads.

Unfortunately, the intersections of railroad tracks and roads can be dangerous places where accidents can occur, and train passengers can also be placed at risk of suffering injuries or even death.

Given the dangers associated with trains, it should come as no surprise that people are sometimes injured as a result of railroad negligence.

If that happens to you, don’t take on the burden alone. A skilled train injury attorney can help victims of train accidents get the compensation they deserve.

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Are New York Train Accidents Common?

In 2019 alone, nearly 5,000 train accidents occurred in the United States, and over 500 of them took place in New York. Of those accidents, 10% caused death and most resulted in significant injuries. The causes of these and other train accidents can generally be attributed to one or more of these three factors:

  • Mechanical failures
  • Railroad malfunctions
  • Human errors


Train engineers and other railroad personnel are supposed to be alert at all times, yet engineer distractions and failures to keep these huge machines under control account for many railroad deaths each year.

Train defects and broken rails can also play a role, especially in instances of train derailments. Even mechanical failures can cause accidents if engineers clear trains for use that have underlying problems.

Types of Train Accidents

Train accidents can happen at any time in any place a train operates. Because of this, the nature of the accident can vary depending on many factors.

A common type of accident is a train collision. These collisions include when trains hit cars or pedestrians who are on the tracks at the wrong time. Collisions can result from faulty switches, barrier light failures, and failure of conductors to wait until all passengers have disembarked.

Train derailments are another type of accident that can have extensive damages. Derailments can cause injuries to many people, even those who are not currently on the train. When a train derails, it can also cause significant property damage.

Although most train tracks and corridors are maintained to ensure safety protocols, accidents still happen. Be it due to human error or an overlooked condition, accidents occurring as a result of excessive speeds and sharp turns are another common occurrence.

Recoverable Damages from Train Accident Lawsuits

Fatal injuries are not uncommon during train accidents. Passengers, pedestrians, and drivers may also suffer from serious injuries like skull fractures, brain damage, spinal cord damage, limb loss, and severe burns.

If you’ve been in a train accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation for damages. They can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Loss of companionship
  • Punitive damages
  • Emotional suffering

If you’ve been involved in a train accident, there may be multiple parties at fault. A New York train accident attorney can help you determine who can be held liable and ensure that you get the compensation to which you are entitled.

There is a three-year time limit for filing negligence claims, and you’ll need to file a notice of claim within just 90 days if the accident involved a city train.

How to Hire a Train Accident Lawyer

It can be hard to keep calm after a train accident. If you’re able to follow the steps outlined below, though, it can help you pursue compensation.

First, you should call 911 to get medical help and summon the local police. If you or others have any injuries, make sure to receive medical attention.

At this point, train accident victims will want to contact an attorney that specializes in train injuries. By doing so, you will ensure the best chances of receiving compensation for any injuries or damages as a result of a train accident.