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Getting a traffic ticket is no one’s idea of a good time. After being pulled over, deciding on what to do next is important.

Most of the time, it’s far better to work with a traffic lawyer to have the ticket reduced or dismissed instead of simply paying the fine.

In New York, there are no shortage of traffic violations that can get you pulled over. Plus with pedestrians, trucks, and taxis frequently blocking the road, navigating a vehicle only gets harder.

NYC traffic attorneys can help with a variety of situations and help drivers avoid some of the more serious complications that can arise after receiving a ticket.

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Paying a Traffic Ticket Isn’t the Only Option

Paying a ticket costs more than the amount of money paid for the fine. Some tickets can have criminal penalties and it’s possible to be labeled a habitual offender after numerous tickets, which can lead to criminal charges.

On top of this, if the ticket is paid, it will go on the driver’s record, which means it’s likely their insurance will go up, at least for a few years. This can cause financial strain, especially if the amount paid for car insurance raises significantly.

Some Offenses Have Criminal Penalties

There are infractions where someone faces more than just a ticket to be paid.

Driving with a suspended license, driving while impaired, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, and other violations can lead to criminal charges instead of just a ticket.

Drivers who receive a citation or are arrested will need to work with an attorney to defend against the charges and prevent a conviction as well as a lengthy jail term.

Potential to Lose Your Driver’s License

A variety of violations will mean an immediate loss of license, like receiving a DUI.

Even if the driver receives a ticket, they can eventually end up losing their license if they continue to get more tickets. If the driver is caught driving without a license, they could face a criminal charge instead of just another ticket.

Without a license, it can be far more difficult to get around or get to work, so fighting the ticket is even more important.

Other Options in NYC Traffic Court

Instead of paying the ticket, it’s time to fight it in court. Some defenses can be used in court to help reduce the ticket to have a smaller impact or to have it dismissed completely.

An attorney knows what to do to fight any ticket and reduce the potential for more serious consequences like increased car insurance or losing the ability to drive. Plus, they can help with criminal charges stemming from traffic infractions, reducing the possibility the driver will end up with a conviction and jail time or other penalties.

When to Hire a Traffic Lawyer

Have you received a ticket? If so, don’t just pay for the ticket and forget about it. You have the right to defend against the ticket in court, which can lead to it being reduced or dismissed.

A New York traffic attorney can help with this, giving you a better chance of avoiding serious penalties beyond a simple traffic ticket.