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Tax issues present stress and worry for taxpayers who are hoping to avoid serious penalties from the Internal Revenue Service.

To find an effective remedy for these tax problems, taxpayers can set up a consultation with a tax attorney in New York City to discuss their options. An experienced NYC tax lawyer can provide legal assistance and speak to the IRS on the person’s behalf.

For many individuals, any communication with the IRS is mentally taxing and frightening. Sometimes, no one knows what to expect unless they have faced tax liens or other tax issues previously.

For people who haven’t faced these circumstances, tax attorneys are prepared to go above and beyond to address all the client’s concerns and evaluate all options for tax debt settlement. connects you with trusted Tax Lawyers in New York connects you with the top lawyers in New York to help you with your legal needs. No matter the magnitude of your case, there is an attorney waiting to help you get the justice you deserve.

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Receiving the First Letter form the IRS

Taxpayers who receive a letter from the IRS about tax debts or audits are often terrified about the future. Some of the verbiage in the correspondences are confusing and unclear, and an attorney can help these individuals determine what to do next.

A taxpayer should never ignore any letters from the IRS, but if the person doesn’t know what to say to the agents, an NYC tax attorney can talk to the agents and identify a solution. If the taxpayer doesn’t take any action, the IRS could seize assets to recover the tax debts or place liens on the person’s property.

Avoiding Serious Tax Repercussions

When an individual has excessive tax debts or liens, the IRS can garnish the individual’s wages and decrease their income considerably. In addition, some employers could view the worker negatively if there is a wage garnishment. Tax lawyers in New York offer effective methods of managing tax debts and overdue payments. They won’t take the matter lightly, and tax attorneys work diligently to help all clients as quickly as possible.

Tax Lawyers Can Negotiate with the IRS

A tax attorney can negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service to reduce the impact of the overdue tax payments, and the lawyer may get the agency to reduce the total amount of the outstanding balance.

Many taxpayers, such as business owners and sole proprietors, could make mistakes on their tax returns, and the IRS could initiate an audit. Tax attorneys can review all tax documentation and locate any issues that could prove costly for the individual.

If the taxpayer makes an error, the attorney can help them correct the issue and calculate how much is owed in taxes.

Negotiations for the client often lead to an installment plan or a one-time payment that is far lower than the original debt balance. By allowing a tax attorney in NYC to manage the tax liens and overdue payments, the individual could avoid more serious issues in the future and protect their assets today.

For answers to tax questions and IRS letters, call an experienced tax lawyer in New York today.

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