Tailbone Fracture from a Car Accident

Tailbone Fracture

Tailbone fractures are painful and debilitating injuries that may take months, or even years, to heal. These injuries typically arise when a person falls from a significant height or lands on a hard surface.

When someone breaks their tailbone in an accident on private or commercial property, they should consult a local injury attorney to discuss their legal options.

Who is Most Vulnerable to Tailbone Fractures?

Although tailbone fractures can happen to anyone, the elderly and children are most susceptible. Most adults have enough lower back muscle to protect these bones, but young children and the very old aren’t as fortunate. Additionally, elderly people have fragile bones and are more likely to fall, which greatly increases their risk of injury.

How Do I Know if I Fractured My Tailbone?

The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is comprised of several smaller bones. After an accident, a doctor will evaluate the victim’s medical history, perform an examination, and likely order x-rays to confirm a fracture. The most common tailbone fracture symptoms are:

  • Swelling and bruising in the area
  • Lower back pain
  • Numbness and severe pain when sitting

In some cases, those with tailbone fractures find it hard to stand or sit for a prolonged period, leading them to rely on pain medicines and limit their daily activities. The recovery process may be quite slow, but time is the only thing that heals a tailbone fracture.

When to Seek Medical Treatment for a Tailbone Fracture

The medical term for trauma or injury to the tailbone is coccydynia, and the condition may keep a person from driving, sitting, and performing other everyday tasks. Using x-rays and anesthetic injections, a physician will confirm coccydynia and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Treating coccydynia typically involves the use of ice packs, stool softeners, and a special pressure-relieving pillow. Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium, along with injections and chiropractic adjustments, may lessen a victim’s pain during their recovery.

Tailbone Injury Settlements

In many cases, slip-and-fall accidents and tailbone fractures occur due to others’ negligence. For example, if a person slips in the grocery store because the floor was wet and there was no warning sign, the owner may be held liable.

When suing after a car accident tailbone injury, your lawyer may determine a tailbone injury settlement is the best recourse.

Damages for coccydynia may accrue quickly, costing victims thousands of dollars in lost income, diminished earning potential, pain and suffering, and medical bills. Those suffering from tailbone fractures should consult attorneys and see if they are eligible to file a claim for compensation from the at-fault party.

How a Lawyer Can Help After a Car Accident Tailbone Injury

An attorney who takes enough time to understand a victim’s responsibilities and life before and following an accident will ensure they get everything to which they are entitled. With a compassionate and caring attorney who gives the case the attention it deserves, a victim is more likely to receive a settlement that will ease their burdens during recovery.

Car accidents and tailbone fractures can have lifelong effects, but there’s no need for victims to go through it alone. To discuss the case with a local injury attorney, call or click for a no-obligation consultation.

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