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Roadways need to be safe for all people, not just motorists. That’s why every city has laws designed to monitor and manage both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

If a motorist has failed to follow those laws and you or your loved one have sustained injuries as a result, you may be able to receive compensation.

Pedestrian injury victims should get in touch with a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible for legal recourse.

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Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

The steps to take after being involved in a pedestrian accident are similar to those required after any crash. If the injury is severe, wait for first responders to arrive with an ambulance to bring you to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, follow the following steps.

  • Get to safety to avoid secondary accidents
  • Call the police
  • Record other parties’ contact and insurance information
  • Take pictures or videos of the accident scene and any injuries
  • Seek medical attention at a physician’s office or an urgent care clinic
  • Contact a pedestrian lawyer


How Lawyers Can Help With Pedestrian Accident Claims

Insurance providers are quick to accuse any other party of being to blame, and if they can’t, they’ll often attempt to contact victims to get information that can be used against them or offer low settlements that will not cover damages.

These are the last things most people want to deal with while recovering from serious injuries. Thankfully, a lawyer can help with almost every aspect of the claim filing process, including:

  • Negotiating with insurance providers
  • Trial preparation
  • Conducting investigations
  • Resolving disputes
  • Reaching settlements
  • Courtroom representation
  • Dealing with the legal system


Common Injuries Sustained During Pedestrian Accidents

The severity of an accident is generally dependent on the speed at which the vehicle was traveling, the angle of impact, and the overall health of the pedestrian, so many types of injuries can occur.

Immediately following accidents, victims are often in shock and may not realize the severity of their injuries, which is why it’s so important to visit a doctor immediately. The most severe injuries can include:

  • Spinal cord damage
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Loss of limbs
  • Organ damage
  • Wrongful death


Try to take photos of any injuries before receiving treatment, and be sure to seek help immediately. Victims will also need to follow all of their physicians’ instructions.

They should also recall that pedestrian accident claims must be filed within three years if another party is found at fault or within 30 days for no-fault claims.

Parking Lot Accidents

It may seem counterintuitive because traffic moves slowly in parking lots, but these are some of the most common accident scenes.

Drivers may be distracted, going too fast, or failing to obey traffic signs, all of which can increase their likelihood of hitting a pedestrian. In most cases, it’s the driver’s fault when pedestrian accidents occur in parking lots, although there are exceptions to the rule.

When to Hire a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

No matter where your accident took place, contact a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after the incident occurs. Doing so will ensure necessary details are accounted for and liable parties can be held responsible.

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