What Do Entry Level Attorneys Do?

NYC Entry Level Attorneys

The entry level attorney is typically employed in a larger law firm. While an entry level position does not entail a lot of responsibility, it can also be a great way to gain experience and improve your salary trajectory. Entry level attorneys in NYC are often paid better than their rural counterparts, but what do entry level NYC attorneys do?

Entry Level Attorney Job Description

Entry level attorneys work on a variety of cases and projects, which often require legal training. They can work in fields such as real estate, business immigration, or litigation.

Their duties may include reviewing documents and court proceedings, analyzing the laws that govern the case, and conducting research.

A successful entry level attorney will be able to take on a variety of tasks, and will often be paired with paralegals and social workers who help them in their work.

Do Entry Level Attorneys Go To Court?

Entry level attorneys may not be called upon to present cases in a courtroom, but their ability to evaluate and present findings is impressive. Entry level attorneys can make more money in a number of ways, from taking on a supervisory role to moving on to a new employer that pays a higher salary.

A trial attorney is required to be comfortable with depositions, drafting pleadings, and working in a large downtown Manhattan office. He or she may also have to complete last-minute projects. This job requires strong computer skills and an eye for detail. Those who are able to master these skills will be rewarded with a competitive salary and benefits.

Qualifications of an Entry Level Lawyer

An attorney in this field must have a law degree and a minimum of two years of relevant work experience. The attorney is responsible for assisting the senior attorney and other attorneys in the firm with a variety of complex matters. For example, he or she will draft contracts and assist in establishing policies and procedures in a company.

Entry Level Attorney Salary in NYC

An attorney in this field can earn up to $98,966 per year in New York City. In addition to a salary, he or she can expect a 401(k) plan, a pension, 20 days of flexible time off, and performance bonuses. Additionally, the average tax rate for an individual filing a return in this bracket is 22%.

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