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All too often, people will try to divorce their spouse by going through the courts without legal representation.

While this can be done in very few select cases with no children or assets involved, most people planning a divorce will want to have a lawyer to help.

Divorcing a spouse is more than just ending a relationship. When it comes to shared assets, bank accounts, real estate, and family matters, divorce becomes much more complex.

Many different things can impact the outcome of a divorce. Without an NYC divorce lawyer, going through a divorce will be costly. For that reason, hiring a lawyer is the right move.

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Understanding Divorce and Separation Laws in New York

There are specific rules for divorces and separations. Those divorcing will need to go through certain steps to negotiate the outcome of the divorce, whether that’s splitting assets to deciding on custody, visitation, and child support.

Those who have never been divorced before, which is most people going through a divorce, may not understand how everything works and what they’ll need to do.

A lawyer can help explain everything, provide advice for how to handle situations during the divorce, and make sure their client receives a fair outcome.

Child-Related Concerns

If there are children, custody, visitation, and support payments will need to be decided. These should be decided on by the parents, but the decision can come through the courts if the parents do not agree.

Support payments are designed to make sure the child isn’t negatively impacted due to the divorce and do not relate to visitation.

Most parents will split custody and decision-making for the child, and they will come up with a visitation schedule that meets the needs of everyone involved.

Alimony or Spousal Maintenance

If one person makes significantly more than the other or one was a stay-at-home parent, alimony or spousal maintenance payments may be required.

This is designed to make sure the person without a work history or a lower income has the ability to pay bills and survive while they look for a job. Some restrictions can be placed on alimony or spousal maintenance, so it is not likely to continue forever and the amount paid to the other spouse will be limited based on need .

Related Criminal Charges

In highly contested divorces, there may be related criminal charges such as domestic violence accusations. In these situations, a lawyer is imperative, as it is necessary to handle both the criminal charges and the divorce at the same time.

Those who work with a lawyer experienced in both divorces and criminal charges can receive advice that will help in both parts of the situation and that can help them get a better outcome in the end.

When to Hire a Divorce Attorney in New York

Every divorce is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that’s right.

When it comes to divorce issues, having a lawyer can make a huge difference and can allow anyone to get a better outcome that’s more aligned with what they wanted.

If you’re thinking about filing for divorce in New York City, we can help. We can handle both the divorce case and any criminal charges, if applicable to your situation, to provide you with the help needed.