How Much Does it Cost to Sue Someone?

Cost to Sue

Victims want compensation when they experience injuries, damages, and losses resulting from someone else’s negligence. Often people are hesitant to seek professional legal assistance because they are afraid of expensive lawyer bills. However, sometimes you might not need to pay anything out-of-pocket to sue someone. Learn more about the cost to sue someone in New York.

Cost to Sue Someone in New York

The most common costs associated with suing someone in New York include the following:

  • Filing Fees – $200 – $500
  • Process Server – $100 – $200
  • Discovery Costs – Starting at $100/hour

Depending on the type of case, legal fee costs can range from no cost to thousands of dollars per hour. As we’ll discuss later, injury and accident victims often pay nothing upfront. For legal cases like defamation, bankruptcy, or real estate, there are various fees people can expect to pay upfront.

Does the Cost to Sue Include a Free Consultation?

Most of the time, the initial consultation with a personal injury attorney is free. The attorneys provide professional legal advice about the case without charging any fees.

During the first visit, the attorneys discuss whether the case is solid, how fee schedules work, when payment will be made, and the cost to sue. Also, personal injury attorneys do not require a retainer fee and only get paid if you get money for the case.

What Are Contingency-Fee Payments?

Personal injury attorneys get paid through contingency fees, which means they get a percentage of the compensation recovered for their clients.

Sometimes, this is one-third of the amount, in other cases the percentage varies depending on the settlement amount and the terms of your agreement with the personal injury attorney.

If the attorney gets compensation for your case, the payment is rendered after the settlement or trial.

No Cost to Sue for Accident Victims

Victims of an accident or incident leading to serious personal injuries do not have to pay upfront for legal services. If a personal injury attorney asks for a retainer or upfront fees, consult with another law firm because most require no money to get started. Personal injury attorneys usually get paid when the case is settled.

No Cost to Sue If You Don’t Win

Another concern for many victims is paying a bill if their attorney doesn’t win the case. Fortunately, this is not an issue because an injury attorney does not get paid if you don’t win the case. This also gives victims reassurance the law firm will fight as hard as necessary on their behalf, so they can get paid for their time.

When Do Lawyers Get Paid?

In injury and accident cases, lawyers only get paid once the settlement is determined. Once a case is settled and payment rendered, you don’t have to think about receiving a bill. The percentage agreed upon by the parties is paid to the law firm from the settlement check, then the balance is paid to you.

Alternatives to Suing Someone

Finally, in many cases, no lawsuit is required to get compensation after an accident or injury. A personal injury attorney could successfully negotiate with the insurance companies to get a fair settlement without suing, helping to save their clients time and money.

When to Consult an Attorney to Sue Someone

Before talking to insurance companies or other representatives, consult with a personal injury attorney about your accident or incident. An attorney knows how to protect victims’ rights throughout the process, so they get the best possible compensation.

If you were injured and experienced losses due to negligence of another individual, consult with a personal injury attorney today. It does not cost anything to get professional legal advice to protect your rights and get fair compensation for losses, damages, and injuries.

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