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In New York, child support is often granted to the custodial parent to help cover the expenses that come with raising a child.

This is for the support of the child and is intended to ensure the child has everything they need.

When parents separate, child support can be determined by the parents or through the court.

It is recommended to have an attorney to help with this and any questions about child support that may come up later.

By working with an experienced child support lawyer in New York, you can ensure the best results for your family legal issues. 

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How to Calculate Child Support Payments

There are guidelines for how much child support should be paid. These guidelines take into account the gross income of the parents, the number of children in the family, any daycare or health insurance costs, and the amount of visitation for each parent.

This does make it difficult to predict how much child support may be ordered to be paid, but an attorney can help their client determine the right amount to request.

Who Pays Child Support?

Child support is typically determined by how much time each parent has with the child. The support payments can be minimal if both parents make the same amount and each has half the year as parenting time.

However, if one parent has more visitation than the other, the one with less visitation is usually the parent who will need to pay child support. This is because that parent is likely not spending as much money on the child, since the child doesn’t live with them as much.

Modifying the Amount of Child Support

Situations can change during the years the child grows up. This can mean that modifications are necessary.

If the parent loses their job or finds a new job where they’re paid less and can no longer afford the amount of child support being paid, they may request a modification to reduce the amount of child support owed.

If the parent paying child support receives an increase in their pay, the parent receiving the support may request a modification to increase the monthly payment. An attorney can provide advice for requesting a modification if one is needed.

When Do Support Payments End?

In New York, child support continues until the child reaches 18 years of age in most cases. If the child is still in high school at that time, the payments continue until after graduation.

If the child is disabled, the support may also continue beyond 18 years old. It can be stopped before the child reaches 18 if they become emancipated by being married or joining the military.

Parents may want to speak with a lawyer to ensure they understand how long the child support will need to be paid.

If you believe you should be receiving child support for your child, talk to an NYC child support attorney about the situation. It may be possible to start receiving child support payments from the other parent, which can help with the costs of raising the child.