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The most heated part of divorces or separations is often who will have custody over the child.

When the parents are no longer together, custody helps determine where the child will live and who can make decisions for the child.

It is crucial to have an attorney to help with this, as it can be difficult for parents to show the judge what will be in the best interests of the child.

If you are going through the custody process with a child, get in touch with a New York child custody lawyer to give yourself the best possible outcome.

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Where Will The Child Will Live During Custody?

A part of custody is determining where the parent will live and whether one parent will be the primary guardian.

While the courts prefer to split physical custody 50/50, this won’t always happen. If this isn’t possible, one parent will become the primary guardian and the other parent will receive parenting time or visitation rights.

The child will live with the primary guardian, but be able to visit the other parent according to a visitation schedule.

Who Can Make Decisions for the Child?

The other part of custody is determining who is able to make decisions for the child. In most cases, this will be shared, so parents will need to agree on any decisions regarding the child.

This can include how the child will be educated, their religious teachings, medical decisions, discipline, and more. In some cases, making decisions together is not going to be possible, so one parent may have the final say in any decisions. It will still likely be necessary to discuss the decision before making it.

What Choices Do Children Have in the Custody Process?

In New York, older children can speak with the judge and let the courts know who they’d like to live with. The courts will take this into consideration, along with various other factors.

Just because a child wants to live with a parent, however, doesn’t mean that is what will happen.

While the judge will consider it, they will make sure the decision for who the child lives with is decided based on the best interests of the child.

Making Changes to Child Custody

Custody arrangements may need to be adjusted or modified over time.

One parent may move, meaning the current visitation schedule will no longer work or there may be a situation that requires one parent to have sole decision making instead of it being shared.

When modifications are needed, working with an attorney is crucial, as the attorney can help show that the modifications will be in the best interest of the child. This makes it more likely the judge will agree to the modifications in court.

Hiring an NYC Child Custody Attorney

Are you worried about an upcoming custody battle over your child? Whether you’re planning a divorce or attempting to modify a current custody arrangement, having the right help can make a huge difference.

Working with a child custody attorney can make it possible for you to get the outcome you desire from the situation as you’ll have help proving your case.