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Adopting is a beautiful process that can create a new family and help children find a home that will love and care for them.

Unfortunately, the process can be complex and can be difficult for many people to handle on their own. Those who are considering, no matter what form, will want help from an attorney throughout this process.

If you are considering adoption, or if you’ve already decided, then hire a lawyer today. 

By doing so, an experienced New York adoption lawyer can help speed up the process and give you the best chance of successfully adding someone into your family.

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How Long Does it Take to Adopt a Child in New York?

The adoption process is long and can take a few months to complete, even if there aren’t any complications. It is important to understand that this is in the best interest of the child, as the courts will want to make sure the child is going to be cared for properly in the home.

Some situations, such as adopting from foster care, may take even longer, depending on the specific circumstances of the child.

Adopt a Family Member

The most common type of adoption is the adoption by a family member. A brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or grandparent may adopt a child in the family if the parents can no longer care for the child due to their own circumstances.

It’s also possible for a step – parent to adopt the stepchild if the biological parent is willing to terminate their parental rights. For this to take place, the biological parent or parents will need to terminate their parental rights and there must be a family member willing to adopt the child.

Adopt a Child Through an Agency

Another option is to adopt a child through an agency. In most cases, these are infant adoptions where the birth parents are willing to give up their parental rights to the child.

These can be open or closed adoptions. With a closed adoption, the biological parents are no longer involved in the child’s life. With an open adoption, the biological parents may be able to call, send letters, or spend time with the child even though the child will be raised by the adoptive parents.

When to Hire a New York Adoption Lawyer

Those who are preparing to adopt a child will likely have a lot of questions about the laws in New York State, the specific process they’ll need to go through, and what potential issues to be aware of during the process.

It is important to have help from the very beginning to make sure everything is done properly and to take the surprises out of the process.

An NYC adoption attorney can provide advice, answer any questions the adoptive parent may have, and help the new parent through the process to make everything easier.

If you’re planning to adopt, whether you’d prefer to adopt through an agency or you’d like to adopt a family member’s child, now is the time to seek help. Experienced New York attorneys can answer any questions you might have and help you get started on the path to success.

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